Monday, January 30, 2006

Interesting Tidbit

I have heard from a certain unamed source on good authority (thanks again R.B.W II) who sat next to Kevin Pritchard on the plane that he was absolutely GUSHING on the phone to John Nash about J.J. Reddick and how he would be great as a Blazer etc., etc. This is interesting...

My view on Reddick is that he can be a solid role player in the NBA and not much more due to his size (6'4") which puts him between positions because he can't really play the point. Thus, he's not the man for the Blazers but if your a contending team picking in the mid to late first round who needs a guy to come off the bench in the fourth and hit the clutch shot, J.J. is your man.

That being said, if he is still available when we pick in Detroit's slot, we should grab him up. He's too good/clutch to be hanging around THAT long.



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