Wednesday, January 11, 2006

James Thomas

Anyone else out there think the Blazers should bring back James Thomas? The kid has been recently waived by the 76er's, and is currently a FA. If you remember, this man's game is to come in and hit the boards (16 rbs in one game for us last year) and bang in the low post(and do little else)-which sounds exactly like the description of the backup PF we've been missing. I say send Ha to the D-League and bring Thomas back on a 10-Day contract and see what he can do.

Another option is recently-waived Samaki Walker. While he is long past his prime, he is a big man that can rebound and box out. Some injury concerns/risk due to his age though...


At 6:25 PM, Blogger zach said...

so sean, its zach, um... how does it feel to be a true blazer fan and i have a question or two.

1. When D Miles returns will we see our record drasticly improve?
2. Can we stage a comeback at this stage in the season with the players we have now?
3. Does Z Randolf's style of play prevent the blazers from scoring more points?
4. Do you think that my prediction that the blazers will clench their division in 2 years is a foolish one.?
5. What do u think will happen in tonights game against the Lakers? Score? Kobe's points?


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