Monday, January 23, 2006

L: Dallas Mavericks 95, Blazers 89

The streak could've easily been kept alive, except for a couple of bonehead plays by Theo Ratliff and Zach Randolph down the stretch. This team needs to learn how to settle down and make their free throws, because if Zach had made those two free throws to put us up by 4 in th OT, Harris never would've tried to steal Theo's lazy pass. There were several positives in this game, however. The team never quit, and allowed themselves to get back in the game whereas earlier in the season they would've just rolled over and died (see @ Denver, Miami). Also, Steve Blake played his heart out once again, single-handedly bringing this team back in the 4th Quarter. This man is turning into a very dependable player, and I think that, based on what we've seen in the past two weeks, that this guy deserves to be at least mentioned in our long-term plans. The proof of just how much better this team performs when Stevie Wonder is on the floor came last night in the 4th. We entered the quarter with a 3 pt lead, but quickly fell down by ten when Bassy entered the game, and the offense seemed to stagnate. Then my man Steve came in and valiantly led us all the way back. John Nash has once again proved his free-agent signing genius with Steve and Juan, as he did with Joel the previous year. Come to think of it, the only player he's signed under the radar that didn't turn out to be WAY better than everyone expected and contribute significantly to the franchise was Vladimir Stepania...but we don't need to focus on THAT painful memory.


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