Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Patterson Trade Ideas


To appease the masses who want to keep Outlaw in Portland while still being open to acquiring JR Smith...

Portland trades Rube and Sergei Monia to New Orleans for J.R. Smith and Maciej Lampe

WHY: They get a guy who is not on roids who can rebound and a SG prospect who can also crash the boards for their malcontent top prospect and a PF with very limtied playing time. We do this because JR Smith is like Outlaw with a jump shot (too good a prospect to pass up...could become a Tracy-McGrady-like player) and we pick up a dirt cheap 6'11" PF while ditching Rube and all his baggage/contract. This seems fair to both teams because if anything, the Blazers get less back in talent then they give up but they also ditch Rube's contract so it all works out in the end.


Portland trades Rube to Indiana for Scott Pollard and Eddie Gill.

WHY: Indiana needs a lock down defensive player with heart and hustleto compete in the playoffs and they get that in Patterson. We get an expiring big man who can back up Zach until the end of the season. Eddie Gill is included as filler and is required to make the salaries work, so Charles Smith would have to be waived for this deal to go down.


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