Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Roster Evaluation: Steve Blake

In my opinion, Steve Blake, while currently playing a great stretch if basketball, is not and should not be our long term starter. One can talk about not wanting to mess up chemistry and all that, but what chemistry are we talking about? A team with great chemistry does not lose 6 in a row.
However, Steve Blake is a player that comes in and did what we needed him to do-not create a drop off in production at the PG position when one of our guards goes down. There are several things that make Steve a player you'd want on your team:
1: His ability to knock down the open shot.
2: He's a pass-first PG that fits McMillan's system.
3: He can distribute the ball without turning it over.
4: He's cheap-making less than 2 million a year.

This being said, I think we should trade Steve Blake as soon as possible.

Yes, that's right. I said trade Steve Blake.

Telfair's coming back, and we don't want to create trouble by having a controversial starter-especially after management has handed the keys to the franchise to Telfair. Next, Blake is VERY cheap and playing great right now. While teams are high on him, why not trade him for a pick or the like. We may actually be able to get a late first or second rounder for a player that will be riding the pine here anyways very soon. His short contract means that there are many teams who need a point gaurd like Steve (e.g. Seattle, LA, Chicago, New York) who could take him on and give us nothing but a pick in return. This pick in turn could be packaged with Detroit's late-first rounder for a higer pick-giving us more draft flexibility. He also could be included as a throw in with another player to obtain a higher-profile aqcuisition.


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