Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Roster Evaluation: There's a Rube for That!

As much as I hate to say it, Ruben Patterson is this team’s MVP again this year (at least for as long as Darius Miles is out, that is). Need a big basket in crunch time, when nobody else is hitting? There’s a Rube for that. Need a lift down the stretch? There’s a Rube for that. Need to jump start a stagnated offense? There’s a Rube for that. Need a lock-down defender to tame ______________(insert your choice of superstar or hot scorer here)? There’s a Rube for that. Need hustle, energy and motivation? There’s a Rube for that. Need to pump up the crowd with totally lame hand waves? Who else? Yes, there’s even a Rube for that too. This man does all this for our team, and is only getting better as the season goes along. With every day that passes, my opinion of this man is starting to change. His drastic improvement over the season should help us get something decent back for him in a trade, and I still hold the belief that he should be traded because of his killer contract. However, Darius must be ready to come back before we even begin to think about getting rid of Rube-he’s too valuable to this team to be traded with no replacement. Darius does most of the same things, so once he gets back, the loss of Ruben should be easier to absorb.

UPDATE: Guess who leads the NBA in the 6th man of the Year Award statistics? Yup, theres a Rube for that too. See the article in the January 17th USA Today for details.


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