Thursday, January 12, 2006

W: Blazers 113, Lakers 103

This team impressed me last night, plain and simple. They came out and fought a=hard, and ended up winning in large part due to their tough-nosed defense. Jaun Dixon was on fire yet again (27 pts), and Z-Bo came out and had a great game too (17 pts 14 rbs). As for Steve Blake, I stand corrected. Screw trading him for a pick, this man is a lot better than most people think he is. Never mind that the offense ran fluidly and they scored 113, this man's offense and perimeter shooting alone make him valuable enough to keep around for at least another year. Steve was on fire from beyond the arc, and finished with 19 points. he also plays amazing defense for someone his size, and his defensive smarts are vastly underrated. All in all, I think that these guys may actually be starting to buy into McMillan's concepts of team play and defense. Nice win all around.


At 6:53 PM, Blogger Kiefer said...

once again proves to kobe that being a ballhog cannot win you too many games ... 81 points 2 assists 11 pissed off teammates


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