Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's Your Own Fault Paul

By now everyone knows that Paul Allen's gone and whined to city and state officials and threatened to sell/relocate the team if he does not get a public subsidy. Quite frankly, he needs to shut his mouth. His buisness plan for this team has failed. He took a team that was the class of the NBA, and through his surrogate, Bob Witsh*t (whoops! I mean Witless, I mean Whitsitt) and slowly eroded it from an annual powerhouse to NBA whipping boy. The payroll skyrocketed out of control, as did ticket prices. He down-right alienated the common fan. Whe he finally woke up to his problems, it was too late. The franchise that once considered losing 30 games an anomoly now struggles to win that very same number, and the franchise that once set a record for consecutive sellouts now struggles to fill three-quarters of the arena. The once mighty Rose Garden (The House That Sheed Built) now toils in bankruptcy. Allen/the management makes excuse after excuse, but the reality is that they have no one to blame but themselves. Who do you think got themselves here? The fans didn't trade Jermaine O'Niel for D***e D***s, or Brian Grant (aka one of the classiest guys in the NBA) for Sh**n K**p, or Clyde Drexler for sh*t. The fans didn't sign the likes of *.*. R***r. The fans didn't put their names on an absolutely horrible lease. The fans didn't price themselves out of the bulding. The fans aren't resorting to blackmail and threats to get a financial bailout. So, the question is why the heck should the fans be punished for all these horrendous business moves when Paul attempts to sell the team or move it out of the city(team cannot be sold unless he buys out the lease, but what's to stop him?). He either needs to suck it up and realize that 100 million isn't but a drop of water in his 25 billion-dollar ocean, or sell the team to a good-hearted local owner who will vow to keep the team here in Portland. Not sure what they say up in Seattle Paul, but here in Portland the words we are starting to use for you are not fit for publication-so quit the whining/stop the threats NOW.


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