Thursday, February 09, 2006

Roster Evaluation: Viktor Kryhapa

Viktor is a poor man's Ruben Patterson. Defense, hustle and spirit all on the cheap. He plays sharp nosed defense both on and off the ball, rebounds well on both ends of the floor, and does all the little things. As Nate McMillan said, this guy is the glue that holds this team together and every team needs a guy like Viktor to be successful on this league. He also has much greater potential in his offensive game, and although it is not the main thing asked of him, if he can improve his jump shot and free throw percentage (if Joel can do it so can he), he will be a legitiamte threat. Viktor is a smart, strong, athletic player who, while it may not show up in the stat sheet, is a critical piece of this team who I would like to see stick around for a long time.


At 10:23 PM, Blogger Kiefer said...

Victor is very vital to this team, but sometimes he makes me want to pull my hair out. He is a very agressive player, sometimes too agressive, but on the whole he will be a great contributer to this team a few years down the road.


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