Friday, March 24, 2006

Drama, Drama, Drama

Two main points of controversey today...

1. Glickman completely came out and blasted Paul Allen in the Oregonian today, all should read it (it's in the paper as well as online at's well worth the read. The sad thing is everything Glickman's saying is totally correct, this franchise used to be a model NBA franchise before everything went to hell after the sale of the team to Paul Allen.

2. Darius is gone, gone, gone. He was benched last night for completely missing a shootaround. He doesn't give a sh*t, and it's no wonder McMillan's pissed. The excerpt below is from Jason Quick's article in today's Oregonian, and is a transcript of a conversation between Quick and Miles. What a TOOL...

" What happened today?

I got up about 8:45 a.m., put on my clothes . . . the bus (to shootaround) was like at 9:45 a.m. -- so I laid down, watched TV, and woke up, and it was like 11:30 a.m.

Why were you so tired?

I wasn't really tired. I don't know.

So then what happened?

I went and got something to eat, then came over early with (Steve) Blake and Martell (Webster) around 4 p.m., got some shots up, and before the game (McMillan) told me I wasn't going to play.

You didn't talk to McMillan before then? You didn't feel the need to apologize, or tell him what happened?

I was going to tell him before the game. But then he came and talked to me.

How do you feel things are going for you?

Fine. I'm cool.


Yeah, I'm good.

The reason these questions are asked is because people expect so much of you.

Nah, you've been on my (butt) since the beginning of the season. I got past that stage last year.

I'm a married man now. That (stuff) don't even get to me.

But when you signed your six-year, $48 million contract, that carries a certain responsibility.

You're right. You're right.

Do you feel you are living up to that responsibility?

Yeah, I'm living up to my responsibilities. What more am I supposed to do?

Well, not get benched for not showing up, do more than zero point and zero rebounds . . .
I took four shots that game (Monday against Milwaukee). Whose fault is that then? Is it my fault I got four shots?

Then go and get seven rebounds, or four assists.

Check my minutes.

You played 17 minutes.

Thank you. There ain't nothing to talk about. Me being productive . . . man, I got four shots. But I ain't mad about that, there ain't nothing to get mad about. It's just the way that game was going. It's like tonight with Z-Bo (Randolph). Z-Bo couldn't work out of the post tonight, he was getting double-teamed every time.

It was just one night, . . . guess I didn't get the shots. I didn't get the ball like I did the night before (when he had 26 points on Saturday in Milwaukee). I didn't get the open shots. Ain't no big deal, we learn from it as a team, keep moving, play the next game.


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