Tuesday, March 21, 2006

L: Milwaukee Bucks 100, Blazers 93

NOT GOOD. Blazers choke late again, fall down by huge margins in the 3rd. Darius Miles leaves for locker room, we go on a 23-1o run to cut their lead to one, and lose late on bogus calls/non-calls. Nice games by Telfair, Z-Bo, Webster, and Pryzbilla (if he walks this team is gonna be SCREWED). Miles goes 0 for 6 and grads no rebounds in 17 minutes, and showed once agian he doesn't give a shi*. Then, the real drama began...


"This is not rec league, and I shouldn’t have to ask for effort, focus, hard play from anyone."

"We’ve had two other times where we’ve lost six games in a row, and you gotta be pissed off about that, you should be. And I don’t think we’re bothered, I don’t think it hurts us enough."

"You can't have issues of whether half the team is playing, or two guys are playing," McMillan said. "Or some guys playing hard, some guys not. Some guys interested, some guys are not. You can't win like that. I mean, this is the NBA, this is not Rec League. I shouldn't have to be asking for effort, focus."

Not exactly things you want to have your coach say... Basically, Darius is toast, and anyone else who McMillan percieves as mailing it in is screwed as well. Look for MAJOR changes this off-season.

Then Z-Bo decided to get in on the action in what may not have been a smart thing to say...

"This is embarrassing," said Zach Randolph, who had another solid game with 23 points, 10 rebounds and five assists. "It comes down to the G.M., who has to do what's necessary. To have a team that has impact players -- not one, but two or three."

Not a great way to show the front office some love-he does have a point though, we do need a legit superstar NOW to go with Z-Bo. At least it shows he cares/wants to win...


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