Friday, March 10, 2006

A Letter to Darius

Dear Mr. Miles,

I would like to tell you how utterly digusted and fed up I am with you. When you came to Portland two and a half seasons ago, you easily won me over and became my favorite player. Up until recently, you have remained my favorite. I stuck with you through the Mo Cheeks incident last year, and rejoiced when it was announced that you had been resigned. Time and time again, I have defended your injury and the length/size of your contract. You were heading for the breakout season at the beginning of the year, and I am still at a loss to figure out where it all went horribly wrong. I feel sick to my stomach every time I see you play. You take stupid shot after tupid shot, don't show any defensive hustle, fail to rebound, make free throws at a sickeningly-low rate and show through body language that you basically don't give a damn. A franchise player making 7.5 Million cannot be "fine" with going five for fifteen from the floor. A franchise player making 7.5 Million cannot be "fine" with being a spectator in the closing minutes of a game. A franchise player cannot get called out by his coach after yet another horrific loss. Sadly, I too have now joined the many who say that it is time for this franchise to "Dump Darius." I pray to god you can find someone somewhere else who will motivate you to your full potential and mold you into the superstar you are capable of being. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Your Ex-Number 1 Fan,


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