Monday, March 06, 2006

Paul and Steve Are The Real Problem Around Here

Ok, so I'll admit it...I was wrong when it came to my views on John Nash. I had stated that he should be fired, but after more research and his successful execution a deadline-day trade, i retract that statement and have deleted the related post. This organization has problems, of which John Nash is not the cause. Most of these problems can be traced directly back to either owner Paul Allen or Team President Steve Patterson. I criticized John Nash mostly for his inability to trade for need. I see now that that criticism was erroneous. The reality is that Allen is the one scared to death of long term contracts, and the only oppurtunities John has had to aqcuire someone who can help this team/bring in a proven player have involved long-term, expensive contracts. I suspect Allen was behind the questionably huge extensions as well. If you actually take the time to look and evaluate the moves John has made within the strict limits imposed by the higher-ups, they all have positively benifited this team. The Dale for NVE trade was good, as were the trades of basically nothing for Person, a pick that turned into Sergei Monia (who turned into Brian Skinner) and Darius Miles. The Rasheed trade was as close to perfect as it could get at the time. In his first three years on the job, John has cut a payroll that once soared above 120 million to less than 62 million, ridded the organization of all its convicts and malcontents, and turned an aging team into a collection of bright prospects. Folks, when this team gets good, it's gonna be dominant and stay that way for a long time. John's drafted well, and while these picks may not be great right now, they were the right picks for this franchise. His free agent signings have also been out of the park, with the onnly real busts being Vladimir Stepania and Richie Frahm, and no one expected much otu of them anyways. This man is a proven evaluator of talent, and he's not the issue here. The issues that this franchise has are almost all centered on the two higher ups, Patterson and Allen. My beefs with Allen have been well documented. Patterson, however, is an a**hole. He takes out full page ads trumpeting his 25 point pledge, and then does exactly the opposite of everything in the pledge. he is scared to death of increasing payroll, and comes across in public like he is above us all. Him and Allen are always in Nash's ear rooting for their favorites, and I can see them doing the same with McMillan. No wonder the coach is ticked. If this franchise is to stay in Portland and become a contender, change has to start from the top.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Kiefer said...

I don't know much about Patterson, but I know Allen is a jerk. Just the thought of the 6th richest man in the world not having enough money to own a team is ludacris.


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