Thursday, April 13, 2006

Darius Sent Home

What an idiot.

Darius sat out the first half of last nights game, and then got irked by the fact he wasn't getting any playing time and went and put a suit on at halftime. He quit on the team. When asked about it, he responded with:

"It's no big deal."

"It's just something that you go through."

Wow. And to think we're paying him 7.5 million for this bullcrap. He has since been sent home by the team. McMillan's pissed, and it's pretty safe to say that Darius has played his last as a Blazer.

And the only guy more idiotic than Darius Miles? John Canzano. He wants to cut Darius (because, in his opinion, he's untradable) in the hope that someone claims him off waivers and becomes responsible for his salary, and would still cut him even if he were not claimed. He believes his absence is worth paying for at 9 million per year for four more years. That's rediculous. Suspend him indefinitely until you can find a trade, but don't cut him. Someone bit on Bonzi, so surely they'll bite on Darius. However, just in case, keep your fingers crossed...


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Mortimer said...

Canzano has said two idiotic things this week... he's usually not THAT bad.

First, that a unknown U of Portland point guard is BETTER than Telfair, who plays in the best league in the world... and more than holds his own on his worst nights. Just ridiculous... Canzano usually isn't so dumb, but he's a horrible judge of talent.

And just waiving Miles? What good would that do? Miles still gets paid, we get NOTHING, not even a 2nd round pick... I mean, huh?!?! There is no logic to this.

Miles would do well on the right team. He will blossom the second we trade him to a team where he won't be expected to produce every single night, ala Rasheed. If we get more dominant pieces here in Portland, he will be fine...

We just can't expect him to be the main guy. Neither can Z-Bo.

Telfair and Webster will be our guys soon enough, but maybe not soon enough to take advantage of how Miles should be utilized.

But Jesus... waiving him is just beyond belief stupid. He obviously has value; someone will bite on his untapped potential. He makes less than Kwame Brown does, after all...


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous sean said...


Omar Cook>Pooh Jeter

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Ryne said...

i'm personally tired of d-miles aka i'll punish you for giving me a chance, in saying that i want nothing to do with him ever again thats why i agree with canzano and CUT HIM its too bad we wont get anything in return but we blew our chance at the trade deadline. I believe we cant trade him cause no one will want someone who gives up on a team when they lose or someone who "sleeps late" and miss a whole shootaround and last they wont want someone who crys like a little baby when he doesnt get the ball. Now on to the fact mortimer makes that he will do well on the right team, I thought we were the right team when we traded for him and wasn't clevland the right team too?

At 3:28 PM, Anonymous sean said...

We can trade Darius-we traded Bonzi-the only question is what we get in return for him. What's rediculous about the whole Canzano proposition is that he's suggesting cutting Darius before seeing what the off-season trade market is like.

At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Mortimer said...

Ryne, I'd like it if we moved Darius too... yeah, I think that in a situation where he wasn't looked at as a "veteran" that had to come through night after night, he could do well. But if he's in a situation like here in Portland where we need him to perform, well... he just isn't cutting it.

I had such high hopes for him, because obviously the sky is the limit IF HE WANTED IT. And that is the problem with Darius... he does not want to be as good as he could be.

And that is exactly why Webster and Telfair will be great... not only the natural atheltic ability, but the inner drive to make themselves reach their full potential.

THE PROBLEM WITH WHAT CANZANO WAS SAYING IS... that Darius has NO trade value. As in UNTRADEABLE. EVERY player, no matter if they just shot their mom and blew up a school bus, has trade value. You can always find some sucker GM to take a problem child (Isiah, anyone?)

At the very least we can get some draft picks out of him... Darius might not ever reach his potential but he'll average 12 points a game and have a few blocks at LEAST. That's good enough for some teams who don't need him as much as the Blazers do...

Know what I mean? Canzano is just being overly dramatic, but it just makes him look silly. Waiving Darius is a kneejerk little kid move; and only suggested by Canzano to get people riled up and talking about himself, John Canzano.

You know the idiots on ESPN like Steven A Smith and whoever? They got there by saying annoying, inflammatory, emotionally charged idiotic and nonsensical comments that stupid people love and people who understand the game HATE. Canzano knows you gotta say stuff like "waive Darius" to get attention...

Canzano isn't a dumb guy. Horrible judge of talent and a muckraker, but not dumb. He does this stuff on purpose.


At 4:27 PM, Blogger Sean said...

Amen to all the canzano stuff...Mortimer whoever you are you have a great basketball mind

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Ryne said...

i can see your point, but if we cant get rid of him this off-season then cut him. I know i sure dont want him to be around next year and contaminate all of our young players i.e Martel and A-Mo/B-Roy. Next first of all i'm not saying i like canzano but i do like all of the espn guys cause they know their stuff and i agree with sean mortimer you sure know your stuff

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, if he IS that bad of an influence, he needs to be gone before training camp starts.

I don't know about whoever we draft, but aside from Z-Bo I dunno how much influence Miles' bad attitude affects the young guys.

I mean, I'm sure they LIKE him... he is from East St Louis and a movie star and by MOST accounts a "nice guy" (reminds me of how people described Sheed, minus the movie star part... and he was from Philly, I think), and this popularity is one (main) reason McMillan made him a captain for the season.

BUT, as far as his approach to the game and the trouble he's caused... I think our main young guys are too mature to REALLY be influenced by that. I mean, they got their own thang going... Webster wants to be great, same for Telfair. Khryapa is Russian and doesn't trust what black people do anyways, so he won't be influenced by Miles (just a joke). Jarrett Jack is his OWN cool bad-ass type guy, so he's got his own thang going too. Point is, these guys are independent enough to not be negatively influenced by Miles.

(EXCEPT FOR, obviously, how Miles' bad play negatively influences the team, and spending minutes on Miles when his future as a Blazer isn't clear... Outlaw gets hurt most by this)

So for the young guys, I ain't worried about Miles. They'll all work hard and be great players. The guy _I_ worry about is Z-BO.

By all accounts, he's a follower. From interviews and comments, he does not seem like an incredibly intelligent fellow (I know, I know, an extremely unreliable way to judge one's intelligence is from highly coached pre/post-game comments). He is BEST FRIENDS with Miles... and the one most likely to be influenced by Miles' lack of effort and attitude.

Miles loves to act like a victim; Randolph will feed into that.

If we want Zach Randolph to stick around and develop more (it IS an "if"!), Miles is the worst thing for him.

You know, all this sucks... Miles could be GREAT, an ALL-STAR. If only he just played as well as he can play, with all his natural talents and skills... I always get sad when a incredibly talented guy never reaches his potential because of injuries (Grant Hill, Anfernee Hardaway), but Miles never reaching his potential because he JUST ISN'T TRYING...

That kinda infuriates me. I mean, not REALLY infuriates cause it IS just a game, but it's pretty damn annoying. I had such high hopes for Darius, and I hoped he would mature with the Blazers.

That means as soon as he's gone, he'll see the error of his ways and turn into an all-star.



At 10:48 AM, Blogger Sean said...

You pretty much hit the nail on the head...Z-Bo would do much better without Darius, btu my personal preference is to wipe the slate clean, get rid of both of them, and start over with a proven veteran winner at the PF spot (Garnett, O'Neal, etc.) and a youthful competitor with a drive to win (READ: Morrison) at the SF spot.

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Ryne said...

ha! see i told you we couldnt trade him


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