Friday, April 14, 2006

Off-Season Scenario 2

In a draft day trade, Portland trades Zach Randolph, Juan Dixon, Travis Outlaw and our first-rounder to the Pacers for Jermaine O'Neil and Indy's first round pick.

Portland trades Steve Blake to Houston with a future second round pick(s) for their lottery pick.

In the draft, Portland selects Ronnie Brewer with Houston's pick, Saer Sene with Indy's pick, Craig Smith with Detroit's and Steve Novak with our second rounder.

Portland trades Darius and Theo to New York for Jalen Rose.

Portland re-signs Joel Pryzbilla to the Early Bird Exception.

Portland signs Penny Hardaway to the Lower Level Exception.

Portland signs Fred Jones to an offer sheet for the Mid Level Exception, Indy lets him walk.

Portland signs Ervin Johnson to the Veterans Exception.

Portland waives Ha.

Our lineup next year:

PG: Telfair/Jack/Hardaway
SG: Webster/Jones/Brewer
SF: Kryhapa/Rose/Novak
PF: O'Neil/Skinner/Smith
C: Pryzbilla/Sene/Johnson

This scenario addresses all of our needs. We get a real post threat in Jermaine, rebounding in Sene and Smith, rid ourselves of the headcases, bring in veteran leadership with O'Neil, Hardaway and Johnson and bring in a 16 million dollar expiring contract. This team would be very athletic and defensively tough, but also has enough offense to get the job done. Our three point shooting would also improve with the addition of Novak (the next Kyle Korver) and the additional development of Webster. This team could concievably compete for a low playoff seed next year and do some real damage in the future.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Kiefer said...

I like the draft picks:

Steve Novak = a less hyped JJ Reddick

Sene has so much potential, only started playing basketball in 2003.

Along with Jermain, Bassy, Jack, and Webster these guys could be exciting.


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