Sunday, April 23, 2006

Off-Season Scenario 5

Portland trades #1 and #31 to Chicago for #2 and #15.

Portland sends #30, Darius Miles, Steve Blake and Brian Skinner to the LA Lakers for Lamar Odom.

Portland drafts LaMarcus Aldridge and J.J. Reddick.

Portland trades Zach Randolph, Juan Dixon and Travis Outlaw to Indiana for Jermaine O'Neal.

Portland re-signs Joel Pryzbilla to the Early Bird Exception.

Portland splits the Mid-Level Exception between Tony Kukoc, Greg Buckner and Darrell Armstrong.

Portland signs Walter McCarty to the Veteran's Exception.

PG-Telfair, Jack, Armstrong
SG-Webster, Buckner, Reddick
SF-Odom, Kryhapa, Kukoc
PF-O'Neal, Aldridge, McCarty
C-Pryzbilla, Ratliff, Ha

First, Portland brings in a legit All-Star and post presence in Jermaine O'Neal. Indian gets another PF who's hometown is rigth around the corner, a prospect they are high on, and a great bench guy in Juan Dixon. Secondly, we rid ourselves of team headcase Darius Miles and bring in a veteran SF that can do everything well and be a legitimate second or third scoring option behin O'Neal and Webster. LA does the trade because the get a ball-handling SF in Darius (who will thrive in LA because he won't have to be the main man and can just play his game) and the passing PG they desperately need. Adding a banger down low as a throw-in doesn't hurt either. Portland's weaknesses are addressed with Odom, Aldridge (Rebounding), Buckner, Kukoc (Perimeter Defense), Reddick, McCarty (Perimeter Shooting) and Darrell Armstrong (No-nonsense, take charge veteran leadership-Kukoc and McCarty could play this role as well).
If the centers stay healthy, this team could compete and probably secure a low playoff berth next year.

-As much as I think Reddick is over-hyped and one dimensional, his presence works in this scenario because of the one thing he does legitimately well, which is knock down open shots on the perimeter. He would be nothing more than a hard working role-player for Portland, whichy is all we wouold ask of him. Quite frankly, I think that's all he will ever be in this league.
-This scenario does not create additional cap flexibilty, but depending on the development of Aldridge Theo could be moved mid-season for an expiring contract.


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