Friday, April 28, 2006

Off-Season Scenario 6

Portland trades Zach Randolph to Denver for Kenyon Martin and the #49 pick.

Portland trades Darius Miles, Steve Blake and the #1 pick to Seattle for Rashard Lewis, the #10 pick and the #40 pick.

Portland drafts Patrick O'Bryant (#10), Dee Brown (#30), Steve Novak (#31), Guillermo Diaz (#40) and Damir Markota (#49).

Novak and Markota are not signed to contracts.

Portland trades Theo Ratliff to the Knicks for Maurice Taylor and David Lee, then buys out Taylor's contract.

Portland re-signs Joel Pryzbilla to the Early Bird Exception.

Portland signs Alonzo Mourning to a one-year contract at the Mid Level Exception.

Portland waives Ha.

PG: Telfair, Jack, Brown
SG: Webster, Dixon, Diaz
SF: Lewis, Kryhapa, Outlaw
PF: Martin, Skinner, Lee
C: Pryzbilla, Mourning, O'Bryant

This scenario gives Portland a well-rounded, athletic, defensive minded team going into next season. We bring in defensive stoppers in Mourning and Martin, and lights-out perimeter shooting in Novak, Diaz, and Lewis. Nate gets one of his Seattle guys in Lewis, and another hustling, "glue" player in Lee. Darius and Zach, the locker room cancers, are both weeded out. Our lottery pick, Patrick O"Bryant, has the potential to be a star and gets to learn from one of the best (in his prime), Alonzo Mourning. This scenario would also give us roughly 23 million in cap room next season if we let Rashard walk, and about 11 million if we decided to keep him (which is more than likely). Also, this scenario gives us a starting lineup that would thrive in a run-and-gun offense, which is the type of game we have stated that we want to play-with telfair at the reigns.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Kiefer said...

Overall I like this scenario. But I don't like a few parts about it. First, Kenyon Martin. The media has displayed him as a troublemaker. Wheter that is true or not I'm not sure. We are also a little weak at the shooting guard position. Webster is a good kid, but in his second season he might need someone a little better than Dixon to back him up. Unless Dixon can accept his role as a spot up shooter (nothing more) he is not the right fit for this team. But, I do like the fact that our team turns into an exciting fast beak "run and gun" team. But the thing I like most about this deal is that we could potentially have enough money to sign a big contract next offseason, an offseason projected to be overflowing with talent. I could see that team making a playoff push.

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