Monday, April 17, 2006

Ownership News

For anyone who missed it, you need to read everything pertaining to the Blazers published in the Oregonian over the past three days (it's also available online at Basically, Paul Allen is selling the team for sure, and wants to have it done before draft day. Terry Porter is trying to get a group of local investors together to buy the team, and if he could pull that off it would be amazing. (to show your support, visit Porter would give us a respected, local owner who actually cares about the community. He was a class act while he was here, and his presence would go along way towards reconnecting with the communtiy and bringing more people to the Garden night in and night out. If his ownership coninsided with one of the offseason scenarios to bring in a star and get rid of the headcases, this franchise would be have a very solid foundation as we build toward the future.

And the worst part about all this uncertainty? Paul Allen coudl write one check and have this all cleared up in 30 seconds if he wanted to.


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