Monday, April 17, 2006

There is Hope

Folks, I know the future of this organization seems pretty abysmal right now, but that really isn't the case. Once we rid ourselves of Darius and possibly Zach, a lot of our locker room issues go away in a hurry. Secondly, a new, stable ownership will clear up the air of uncertainty and dispair, as well as the losing mentality that hangs over this franchise. It is said that change starts at the top, and that adage surely rings true here. Telfair will be scary good next season, as will a confident, much improved Webster. Both have the drive to be great, and both will be great sooner than a lot of people think. If we combine their development with a veteran superstar, this team will give a lot of people a lot of trouble. Also, Nate will have a full offseason to really put his system into place, and we will start next year with a new locker room atsmosphere and a new cast of characters. A lot of the issues this franchise has had this year can be traced to the fact that we dug ourselves in a hole early via injuries and inexpierience, and then simply gave up. Next year, provided we bring in some classy veteran talent, that simply will not be the case and that fact, when combined with the continued development of the youngsters and stable ownership, gives us a pretty good shot at competing for the playoffs.


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