Monday, May 01, 2006

Off-Season Scenario 7

In a draft day trade, Portland moves Darius Miles, Steve Blake and the 1st and 31st picks to the New Jersey Nets for Richard Jefferson and the 22nd and 23rd picks.

In the draft, Portland drafts Josh Boone (#22), Saer Sene (#23), and Hassan Adams (#30).

Portland trades Zach Randolph to Denver for Kenyon Martin.

Portland re-signs Joel Pryzbilla to the Early-Bird Exception.

Portland waives Ha Seung-Jin.

Portland signs PG Darrell Armstrong to a portion of the MLE.

PG: Telfair, Jack, Armstrong
SG: Webster, Dixon, Adams
SF: Jefferson, Kryhapa, Outlaw
PF: Martin, Skinner, Boone
C: Pryzbilla, Ratliff, Sene

In this scenario, the entire core of youngsters is retained while several veterans are added who can contribute in big ways immeadiately. Kenyon Martin gives us a tough defensive presence down low, while Richard Jefferson gives us a world-class athlete with a great shot on the wing. Jefferson is also a good locker room guy, and both Jefferson and Martin have played together before, bringing a sense of chemistry as well. With this addition of two former Nets, the Blazers would have a fast-break team that would be amongst the best in the league. Telfair, Jefferson and Martin thrive on the break, and Telfair could play a role similar to the role Kidd played in New Jersey during their two appearances in the NBA Finals. The draft addresses our main need of defense and rebounding in the post, bringing in two beastly, athletic rebounders and a SG that is a lockdown defender and a good locker room presence. The addition of Armstrong provides us with locker room leadership that is second to none. Going into next season, this lineup would give us an exciting, fast-break team that would gain a reputation as being very tough defensively and would easily contend for a lower playoff berth. This secnario does not give us any immeadiate cap space, but Theo could be traded mid-season for cap space if Sene's development progresses rapidly.


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Kiefer said...

This is a pretty good scenario. If we could steal Jefferson from New Jersey, he would mesh well with Telfair. I'm starting to think that getting rid of Zach this offseason is a must. So as long as Kenyon can step in, be solid, and not a distraction, I'm fine with him. I would try to draft a guy like Hilton Armstrong, if he falls far enough, instead of Josh Boone. Also, Hassan Adams cannot be a 2 guard, he simply cannot shoot the ball well enough to play that position. I would take someone like Dee Brown or Denham Brown with our 30th pick.

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NJ would never part with Jefferson. Especially for D-Miles.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Sean said...

keep in mind they are also getting the rights to a star big man (aldrige or bargani)who they desperately need AND a superb backup PG who would help them immensely in the playoffs and could fill in well for Kidd in the vent of an injury.


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