Monday, June 12, 2006

Mock Draft

The Official Rip City 24/7 Mock Draft-Version I:

1. Toronto Raptors- Andrea Bargani, PF/C. They love his game, and he loves them. Enough said.

2. Chicago Bulls- LaMarcus Aldridge, PF/C. Bulls need a big, and they'll go with the safe pick in Aldridge.

3. Charlotte Bobcats- Brandon Roy, PG/SG. Roy's complete, well-rounded game in all areas will help the Bobcats more than the one-dimensional Morrison and mesh well with the power game of Okafor, the flashiness of Felton, and the hustle/freakish athletisim of Wallace to give the Bobacats a very competitive team next year.

4. Portland Trail Blazers- Adam Morrison, SF. His lockeroom leadership, drive, and perimeter shooting make him the best player for the Blazers.

5. Atlanta Hawks- Marcus Williams, PG. The Hawks need a real PG, and they like Williams' potential enough to take him over the flashy Foye.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves- Rudy Gay, SF. Once he develops, his athletic, fast-paced game will complement Garnett nicely and could make for a very sacry lineup when combined with McCants.

7. Boston Celtics- Rodney Carney, SF. Would make a great energy/defensive guy off the bench to back up Wally and Paul.

8. Houston Rockets- Randy Foye, PG. Rockets need a solid PG that's ready to contribute, and Foye fits that description nicely.

9. Golden State Warriors- Patrick O'Bryant, C. The Warriors become enamored with his potential and make him their pick.

10. Seattle Supersonics- Shelden Williams, PF/C. The Sonics need a solid big,

11. Orlando Magic- Ronnie Brewer, SG. Well rounded, big gaurd who can contribute immediately fits the Magic's bill and provides an instant upgrade over

12. NO/OK Hornets- Tyrus Thomas, PF/C. In the shocker of the draft, Tyrus falls after not holding competitive workouts and concerns about his readiness emerge. NO/OK takes gamble on the hometown boy because they can give him the time he needs to develop by playing him behind PJ Brown and David West.

13. Philadelphia 76'ers- Jordan Farmar, PG. Fundamentally sound PG gives Philly an Iverson replacement.

14. Utah Jazz- JJ Reddick, SG. This pick is a LOCK, and he will give the Jazz the outside shooting they need to finally become a playoff contender again.

15. NO/OK Hornets- Sergio Rodriguez, PG. Flashy spainard gives the Hornets a backup PG to replace Speedy Claxton, who will most likely depart via free agency.

16. Chicago Bulls-Oleksiy Pecherov, PF. The Bulls make a run on bigs and take a guy they can leave in Europe or stick on the end of the bench while he develops.

17. Indiana Pacers- Cedric Simmons, PF/C. Can you say Jermaine replacement?

18. Washington Wizards- Shannon Brown, SF. Versatile swingman will help take the Wizards to the next level.

19. Sacramento Kings- Aaron Gray, C. Kings add depth up front.

20. New York Knicks- Kyle Lowry, PG. The Knicks add cheap depth in the backcourt in preparation for a trade of Marbury.

21. Pheonix Suns- Quincy Doby, PG/SG. Quicksilver combo gaurd fits in well with their system.

22. New Jersey Nets- Maurice Ager, SG. With their two picks, the Nets add immeadiate contributers off the bench.

23. New Jersey Nets- Josh Boone, PF. See above.

24. Memphis Grizzlies- Rajon Rondo, PG. Bobby Jackson gets replaced.

25. Cleveland Cavaliers- Steve Novak, SF. His outside shooting would give the Cavs a boost in the playoffs.

26. LA Lakers- Will Blalock, PG. Phil Jackson gets his floor general.

27. Pheonix Suns-Louis Amundson, SF. The Suns prepare for a grind-it-out playoff series by getting tough off the bench.

28. Dallas Mavericks- Marcus Vinicius, SF, The Mavs take a raw talent that can sit at the end of the bench for a while.

29. New York Knicks- Mike Gansey, SG. The Knicks add some more depth and versatility in the backcourt.

30. Portland Trail Blazers- Saer Sene, C. The Blazers take a gamble on a project big with freakish athletisim and a 7'8" wingspan to boot.

Possible Trades/Scenarios:

-Toronto trades down and takes Marcus Williams.

-LA trades up and takes Brandon Roy.

-Philly trades up to ATL in a deal that includes AI.

-Portland ends up making only one selection in this year's draft.

-The Knicks take f***ing up the draft to a whole new level.


At 10:57 PM, Blogger Ryne said...

ok i picked up several things wrong with this:
the wiz NEED to pick up a big
Sacto will pick up a back-up pg, they love the kid from miami
Suns will go with height with one of their two picks
and last CLE goes with a true point guard, maybe Dee Brown

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Ryne said...

my new favorite site:

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Ryne said...

sean help me...i'm starting to like LaMarcus, set me straight

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Sean said...

he's my #2 option right now behind's looking like he'll be a solid big man-it'll just take forever for him to develop and there's always a risk involved when you draft a big because they are so much more prone to injuries and becoming busts


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