Thursday, June 29, 2006

Off-Season Goals (from this point forward)

It became evident last night that the Blazers are drastically reshaping their roster. Here are the moves I think need to be made in order to finish out what they started last night, in order of importance.

1. Trade Darius for anything that moves, as long it will not interfere with the development of the young guys. If veteran leadership was included in the trade that would be a huge plus.

2. Trade Zach Randolph. Pretty much the same as above.

3. Re-sign Joel Pryzbilla. As it stands now, no one on the roster can be a true starting center. Raef and Skinner are adequate backups, but that's about it. If Joel cannot be re-signed, trade Z-Bo or Darius for a center (a.k.a Foyle or similar).

4. Sign at least one guy who can give you veteran leadership.


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