Monday, June 19, 2006

Off-Season Scenario 11

Well, it is my first shot at one of these:

Portland trade Darius Miles, and Travis Outlaw to New Orleans for Desmon Mason and the 12

Portland drafts Adam Morrison with the 4th, Cedric Simmons with the 12, Renaldo Balkman with the 30, and Joel Freeman with the 31. Joel Freeman stays in England for a couple years.

Next Year's line-up:
PG- Telfair/Jack/Blake
SG- Webster/Dixon
SF- Mason/Morrison/Kryhapa/Balkman
PF- Randolph/Skinner/Simmons/Balkman
C- Pryzbilla/Skinner/Ratliff/Ha

Where this leaves us: We rid our self of one head case in Darius and get Desmon Mason who will fit in perfect in Nate's system. In the draft, we pick up an amazing scorer in Adam, Cedric will turn out to be a great 4 after we somehow trade Z-Bo, Renaldo Balkman will be able to come in off the bench and add a spark defensively and in a couple years, we'll figure out where Freeman plays into our system.


At 8:08 PM, Blogger Kiefer said...

Not Bad Ryne .... Only thing is i dont think NO will trade for Miles. They have a young team and i don't see why they would want to spoil that with Darius. I like Cedric Simmons, IMO he will be a steal for whoever drafts him, even though he will be a lottery pick. Only other thing I would do is get rid of 1 of the 3 point guards.


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