Friday, June 23, 2006

Who Should We Trade?

With the On-Going trade rumors that involve one of Portland's PG, I was wondering which PG would you choose to trade?
Which PG Should We Trade?
Steve Blake
Jarrett Jack
Sebastian Telfair
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At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Mortimer said...

The way I see it, if we HAVE to trade one of those guys (which we don't), with our young team you trade the one with the least possible upside.

Obviously, this is Blake. He is a fine point guard, a decent backup, but both of the other, younger point guards are already better than he. But, as they are young and the position is so demanding, McMillan went with someone more steady... not BETTER as some interpret that to be, but not gonna have many rookie mishaps from game to game.

And I understand that even if I disagree with it, because I know McMillan just wanted to know what he was gonna get from at least one position. Only thing is, even Blake at his best won't get you very far...

Trading Telfair or Jack right now, at their age and each showing so many signs of promise, is ridiculous.

I'm not saying one won't be traded later, in a year or a few years, because I think both are good enough to be starters on most teams. But there's no reason to trade them NOW, when they are at their lowest value (does anyone think they won't improve at all?) even with all the potential other teams know they have.

The potential they have won't get us enough in return in a trade...

I say let the two young guys play it out and PROVE who is the better point guard for the Blazers, and then the decision will be made for us. It won't hurt their trade value one bit, and competition is always good for a young ball club.

Blake is just consistently average. On a ballclub as erratic as the Blazers were the last 2 years, it just makes him look better than he is. The other two will surpass him this year, and if we trade either one we'll regret it.


At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i second that mortimer, keep telfair and jack, both have too much potential to consider moving now.

i do think we should trade blake, not that we have to, but it makes sense to trade one of the three, blake's stock has risen in his short time in portland, if he's gone eventaully may as well part ways now and let the other two know that one of them if not both of them are our future while providing more playing (maturing) time to both.

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Ryne said...

I agree that both JJ and Bassy have more potential than Steve, but Steve was the only consistant player on the Blazers last year where as Bassy showed signs of being an all-star and signs of being a first-round bust. Steve Blake not only proved age on this young team, but he also brings a try your hardest because anything is possible in this league mentality and thats something we need on this very young team


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