Sunday, July 30, 2006


I, Sean, would like to apologize to all Rip City 24/7 readers who may have been offended, apalled, shocked or otherwise discomforted by one of my guest bloggers suggestion that the Blazers trade Darius Miles and Jamaal Maglorie for headcase-extraordinaire Steve Francis. This in no way reflects my views, as I personally hate Franchise. Kiefer will be given the oppurtunity to defend his position.

Here's why Steve Francis WOULD NOT BE a good fit in Portland.

1. He would demand a starting role. Between Jarret and/or Roy and/or Webster, we have the 1 and the 2 (Steve's positions) covered rather nicely with cheap, young talent with great upside.

2. Steve Francis cannot function within an offense, and has a reputation for jacking up way to many shots. All of the players we currently have slated as our starters at gaurd next year are way better in terms of functioning and being productive WITHIN an offense. Nate's system requires the PG to be a distributer who sets up the offense first and shoots second. Francis is NOT a pass first PG. Yes, he has a career average of 6.3 assists per game. But he also averages 19 PPG. For a comparison, Stephon Marbury, a man not exactly know for his unselfishness, averages 8.1 APG. Any point gaurd who plays enough minutes will get his assists, btu that does not mean that he is a good distributer. Also, look at Sebastian Telfair. He was a GREAT passer (whereas Francis is simnply moderate to good) who struggled with Nate's system because deep down he was a score-first PG. If Bassy couldn't fit, then niether will Francis.

3. Steve Francis is a headcase, and has a bad reputation that has followed him around since draft day. He has lashed out in several tirades with all of the teams he has played for, and has been known to rock the boat. In other words, he is exactly the type of player Nate McMillan would hate. Trading one headcase for another isn't going to help anything, especially when we have so many young, impressionable minds laying around.

4. Steve Francis has reached his ceiling as an NBA player. Yes, he is a star. But I would rather have a player(s) who has yet to scratch the surface of their potential playing the position rather than trading for a malcontent starter.

5. Franchise has a HUGE contract ( 15, 16 and 17 million for the next three years, respectively). If the goal is to be under the cap and be fiscally responsible while developing our young talent to mold with an effective group of hardworking vets into a long-term playoff contender, then why do we want to take on such a prohibitive contract?

6. I thought we'd learned our lesson about what happens when you give big money to malcontents based on the hopes that you can be the team to turn them around and fix their problems. (see: Darius Miles) I garuntee you that Nate and his pass-the-ball-and-run-the-offense system will not fix Steve Francis.


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