Saturday, July 29, 2006

Breaking News: Jamaal Maglorie Traded To Blazers is reporting that Portland has traded Steve Blake, Brian Skinner, and Ha Seung-Jin to the Bucks for Jamaal Maglorie. This trade leave the Blazers with two more roster spots so the Blazers can keep Joel Freeland on the roster, sign someone out of the D-league, or use those spots for a trade. Now Sean might get mad at me for saying this next part, I LOVE this trade. This trade gets rid of the log jam at the point guard position and we get an all-star big man who will provide depth at the PF/C position. Jamaal may also be able to start if/when a Zach Randolph trade comes.
Our roster at the moment:

PG- Jack/Dickau/Rodriguez
SG- Roy/Dixon
SF- Webster/Outlaw/Miles
PF- Randolph/LaFrentz/Aldridge
C- Pryzablia/Maglorie


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