Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kevin Love Signs With UCLA

Today #2 ranked player Kevin Love * Sean's edit: Kevin Love, aka the World's Biggest Crybaby* from L.O stated that he will be attending UCLA for college. As much as I (Ryne) hate this guy, I have to admit that he is a great player and will make UCLA the easy favorite to win the NCAA tournment. What makes this even better is OJ Mayo (#1 ranked player) has agreed to attend USC and rumor as it that both these player have a mighty hate for each other, even though Kevin says the two are good friends. This will allow the UCLA-USC to become one of the great basketball rivalry in the NCAA again.

Sean's view: Two words: GO. CRUSADERS. 2004 state champs! Yeah Love is a helluva a player but I would take both the Tarver brothers over him any day.


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