Saturday, July 29, 2006

Speculation From the Magloire Trade

Now that the trade is "official", I (Kiefer) am trying to figure out why the Blazers traded for Magloire. I will agree with the fans who said getting Magloire for Blake, Skinner, and Ha was a steal, but what place does Magloire have on this team? Here are a couple reasons I could think of:

1. The trade is still not finalized and the Blazers are trying to involve a third team to unload Darius Miles.

A couple possible trades are Magloire and Miles to New York for Jalen Rose (expiring contract), Miles and Magloire to New Jersey for Richard Jefferson, or Magloire and Miles to Memphis for Eddie Jones (expiring contract). I personally would rather trade Miles and Magloire for a talented player like Jefferson that will improve our roster instead of an expiring contract.

2. Magloire and/or Miles will be dealt at the trade deadline after they have more trade value.

3. Blazer management aquired Magloire as insurance in case Joel Przybilla has injury problems again.

4. Blazer managment likes Magloire and his work ethic and wants to keep Magloire long term.


At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

The trade stands on its own merits. The Blazers had too many bench-level players and too few starter-level players last year, and this trade helps to rectify that problem. If it also leads to Miles-B-Gone, it's one of the best trades the team has ever made -- even if the final result is Skinner, Blake, Ha, and Miles for cap room. Addition by subtraction is still addition, and cap room is always good...


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