Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Summer League Roster

The roster for the Las Vegas Summer League team has been announced.

Blazer players that will be participating:

-LaMarcus Aldridge

-Joel Freeland

-Ha Seung Jin

-Travis Outlaw

-Brandon Roy

-Nedzad Sinanovic

-Nikoloz Tskitishvili

-Martell Webster

Undrafted free agents that will be participating (I have tried to include some info on them if possible):

-Brandon Bowman. 6' 9" SF from Georgetown who's very athletic and a good defender/team player. Does a lot of things well but does not have an outstanding facet of his overall game.

-Hector Romero. 6'7" SF from Venezuela. No further info.

-Kevin Pinkney. 6'10" F from Nevada. No further info.

-Marque Perry. 6'1" PG. "Imagine Nate Robinson without the jumping ability, shooting ability, passing ability or quickness and you have Marque Perry." -warriorsworld.net

-Fred House. 6'5" SF from S.Utah. No further info.

-Sean Dockery. 6'2" PG from Duke. Excellent passer who defends the passing lanes well and has a great first step and decent shooting off the dribble. Good leader/teamate. A disappointing college career during which he never lived up to anyone's expectations caused his draft stock to plummet. From what I've read and heard, Pritchard really likes this guy.

If anyone has any additional info on any of the players I couldn't find anything on, please leave it in the comments. Thanks!


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