Monday, August 21, 2006

Cleveland Trade

Not to hash an old rumor to death here, but a Juan Dixon to Cleveland trade still seems very plausible. As it stands now, the Cavaliers have 17 players on their roster. Two players, Eddie Basden and Stephen Graham, have non-garunteed contracts. The Cavaliers have effectively given up on Luke Jackson, and have already stated that they will not pick up his fourth-year option by the October 31st deadline.

Cleveland needs a backup, offensively-oriented SG, a role that Juan Dixon fills perfectly. If it were up to me, I would offer Cleveland Juan Dixon for Luke Jackson and Eddie Basden. However, due to CBA restrictions, this trade could not be completed until October 18th. Cleveland gets their gaurd, and we get another young SF and an interesting prospect. Luke Jackson has never really been given his chance to shine in Cleveland, and still has lots of untapped potential. He shoots the ball well, and more shooting is something the Blazers can always use. If he works out, then great. If not, you have Juan's defensive liability off the team and are stuck with a live body at SF with essentially the same contract. I personally would rather have the latter.

Eddie Basden is the piece that really intrigues me in this scenario. He is an undrafted combo gaurd who is extremly strong and an excellent, tough nosed defender. His offensive skills are virtually-non existant, and his passing leaves much to be desired. However, I think he would be a good pickup. We need a cheap third string PG capable of playing limited minutes, and it would be great if we could bring in a locdown defender like Basden to fill that role. In time, he could even be able to contribute at the end of close games when someone is needed to simply bully around the opponents best shooter, a la Jarret Jack on Ray Allen in last year's game versus Seattle. Worst comes to worst, he plays like crap and you cut him, and you're off the hook for 600K and have a free roster spot.


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