Monday, August 21, 2006

The Great SF Swap of 2007

As reported earlier today, Al Harrington is rumored to be heading to the Warriors in a four-team deal that as of now looks something like this:

Joe Smith to Atlanta, Al Harrington to GS, Dunleavy to the LAC, Maggette to DEN.

However, this got me thinking. With so many fowards being moved, and Denver apparently in the market for an Athletic swingman to team with Melo, is there any way the Blazers could get involved and possibly move Darius Miles?

My trade idea would look something like this:

Joe Smith to Atlanta, Al Harrington to GS, Dunleavy to the LAC, Maggette to Boston, Miles to Denver and Brian Scalabrine, Brian Grant and Dwayne Jones to Portland.

Denver needs a sidekick for Melo, and as I'm sure everyone remembers they were the team that tried to pry Darius away from us two off-seasons ago. Miles would work well in Denver's uptempo game, as it would make better use of his skills in transition. If Darius pans out, it is likely that he is the piece that moves Denver to the next level, and that's why Denver does this trade. Boston gets in on the action because the addition of another athletic swingman like Corey Maggette to play alongside Paul Pierce and Telfair, combined with with someone like Wally S. coming off the bench, gives them a lineup that can easily challenge NJ for the division crown and is almost a lock for the playoffs in the weak Eastern Conference. Portland gets nothing of real value in return for Darius, but again, this move would be addition by subtraction. Darius's negative influence is gone, freeing up minutes for the young guys. We do get Scalabrine, who, although he has an ugly contract, is fairly scrappy and decent offensively and is a living, breathing 3 who can stay out of trouble, keep his mouth shut and eat some SF minutes when veteran expierience is called for. We also get the enormous PR boost of trading a headcase like Darius for the beloved Brian Grant, who while he would not play much, would be worth his weight in gold in terms of publicity and general goodwill.His departure was the beginning of the end of this franchise's public image,a nd his return would only further the effort to reconnect with the community, in which Grant is and always has been ver active. Jones is simply throw-in to make the salaries work, and could be waived or sent to the D-League upon his arrival in PDX. Some of our many 2nd round picks could also be thrown in to make this deal work.

Thoughts? Throw 'em in a comment.


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