Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just A Clarification...

A reader implied that the post below (Look at How Far We've Come...)was nothing more than a bunch of fanatical over-hyping. That was not the intent of the post at all. The point, rather, was to express my elation over the progress this team has made towards getting back to the playoffs/respectability/a loyal, stable, large fan base again.

The purpose of that post can basically be summed up like this:

BEFORE: A team in disarray, with pieces that didnt fit well together, unstable ownership and no fan base.

AFTER: A team with a clear direction that has taken steps to put them closer towards the place where they want to be that are actually sensible improvements, as opposed to making moves just to make moves. For example, we needed to address our lack of size and rebounding/a post presence. Rather than do something stupid like the Knicks did with Eddie Curry last year when confronted with the same need, we traded two role players and a scrub for an all-star with an expiring contract. The Blazers are without a doubt a more balanced basketball team then they were at the beginning of June, and should be more competitive due to the increased flexibility and talent they have added to the roster this summer. The team also has stable ownership now and is taking very big steps towards reconnecting with an alienated fan base.

Am I expecting the playoffs? No. I do think that if everything breaks right an major injuries are avoided we have a legit chance to surprise a lot of people, but the West is very deep right now so in all actuality the playoffs are still a long shot, even with a drastically improved team.


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