Saturday, August 12, 2006

Some More Darius Trade Ideas

You request them, Ryne and I deliver.


In a three-way deal, Portland sends Raef LaFrentz to Denver, Darius Miles to New York and future draft compensation (some of those many 2nd round picks) to both teams. Denver sends Kenyon Martin to New York and New York sends Jalen Rose to Portland.


Denver gets a big man that can spread the floor and complement the inside games of Nene, Camby and Najera rather nicely while also ridding themselves of the headache that is Kenyon Martin. The Knicks get athletic in a hurry, and Isaih will do this because he wants to win now and the though of Stephon/Francis, Crawford, Miles and Martin all running the floor at the same time will be too much for him to pass up. Portland gets rid of a headcase and an ugly contract, and recieves roughly 20 million in cap flexibilty AND a veteran SF who can eat some minutes while the young guys develop.


Portland sends Darius Miles, Juan Dixon and future picks to NO/OK for Desmond Mason and Brandon Bass.

WHY: New Orleans needs a starting 2 and a shooter off the bench. While Darius is not your traditional starting SG, he would fit in that role with the Hornets because of the outside games of Peja and Chris Paul. Darius is more than capable of defending SG's, and could be more of a slasher then a spot up shooter with Peja and Chris Paul compensating for his lack of offense beyond 20' or so. On the flip side, Darius could make up for Peja's rebounding and defensive weaknesses. In return, Portland gets an expiring contract in Mason who can, again, fill in at the 3 to allow for development while keeping his mouth shut and Brandon Bass, a 2nd year SF with some potential.


Portland trades Darius Miles and a future 2 rounder to Minnesota for Trenton Hassel and Mark Madsen.

WHY: Minny gets an athletic wing to help KG lift them back into the playoffs, and Portland gets a SF who can eat up minutes, do the little things, provide leadership and play defense without taking a lot of shots so that the other youngsters have plenty of touches to speed their development. Although Madsen is grossly overpaid for his skillset and has 4 years remaing on his contract, I would not be opposed to taking on a contract like that if it meant getting rid of Darius.


At 3:52 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Ya know, as much as I think it's a great idea to trade Miles, something tells me he's going to be a surprise and actually come out next year to play and try if we don't dump him. We made A LOT of roster moves which will possibly make Miles a little more motivated to play next year. I'm probably just talking out of my ass, but hey ya never know... I don't know if I'd want Miles on my team after what he showed us last year, but if he's willing to try and start over... I'd say give him a second chance and if he bring any nonsense to the team in ANY way... get rid of his ass QUICKLY.

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

I wouldn't mind trading for Desmond Mason. I think he'd be a good fit in Portland. I don't know a thing about Bass.


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